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Murco Sulphur Furnace Clean

Process:   Mechanical Clean – EP Series Air Tool
Company:  Murphy Petroleum
Location: Murco Oil Refinery, Milford Haven
Plant Item: Sulphur Furnace/Burner

Job Specification 

At Murco oil refinery a sulphur furnace was under performing due to the build-up of waste inside its tubes.  See Picture 1. There were 51 large tubes in total with a diameter of 65mm, and a length of 21ft. Due to the size and length of the tubes there was a significant amount of carbon deposit to be removed which was often heavily coated to the tube walls.  

The Process  

A TC Wilson Air driven tube cleaning system was identified as the most appropriate tool for cleaning the heavy carbon fouling due to its ability to power its cleaning attachment at 9,000 rpm. Such power and speed enables the EP series air tool to power through tough and heavy deposits such as carbon bringing the clean back to metal.

Fig.1 Sulphur Furnace Burner Tubes - Before


For use with the EP series air tool, the expanding brush is a cleaning attachment that uses centrifugal force to move its brush cartridges in and out enabling it to conform to the tube wall or fouling deposit, while working the clean back to the tube wall.  The EP series air tool and expanding brush was inserted manually into every tube, turned on, and then moved through the whole tube cleaning as it is moved. 

Feedback & Results 

The TC Wilson EP Series was effective in moving the heavy carbon deposits from the tube internals and walls. Each tube was individually cleaned back to bare metal with a significant contrast between cleaned tubes and those still to be cleaned (see top left tube vs bottom row in picture 2).  In addition to effectively cleaning each tube, the process was fast and uncomplicated being completed to the finished standard in a matter of hours from set up through to finish.    
 Fig.2 Sulphur Furnace Burner Tubes - AfterClean_v_Dirty.jpg
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